"A few months ago, I spent $800 on acne medication. It dried out my skin and barely reduced my acne. Last month I tried the acne face serum and my skin is completely cleared. I wash my face twice a day and then at night I put the serum on. This product is amazing and it smells incredible as well. I would highly recommend!"

-Hannah Schroeder

"Picked up my first order today...eggs, lip balm and heavenly soaps!! The aroma drifted past my nose before I even looked into the adorable little bag. I looked at the eggs when I got home and my goodness.....they are too pretty to eat (But we will manage, lol) I want to do a drawing first....the colors are beautiful! I will update after we try the eggs but beyond pleased at this point!!! Thank you so much! Looking forward to spring and summer veggies!!!"

-Sharon Holt

"How do so many amazing things come out of just 1 little farm? I was super excited to order the fresh eggs and now I've fallen in love with the lip balm and the soap too. Feels great to support a local farmer and learn a little more about the food you are eating while doing it. I will be telling everyone I know to check this place out."

-Amber Townsley

"Everything I have tried- the soaps, salves, toilet sprays..are all amazing! Each time I think I've found a new favorite soap, I try another one I like even more. Everything is made with the best ingredients and a whole lot of love. I usually make my own stuff, but when it comes to these hygiene products, I can't make it as good or for less $!! Boca Family Micro Farm is the best!"

-Melissa Meyer

"I’m always skeptical about trying out new products on my skin, especially my face, since it’s so sensitive and if something goes wrong, there’s no way to hide it! My daughter and I have been using the charcoal kit since April, and our face has not been clearer ever!!! It’s all natural ingredients made in small batches and goes a very long way! The best part is, there are no harmful ingredients going into your blood stream!!!! This isn’t an advertisement to buy, just a shout out to my friend who makes it!!!! Thanks Renee for introducing me to the best product for ME! ❤️"

-Laura Shearer

"I’ve used the face serum and whipped face tallow (both anti-aging)for a week, and I swear my face has already responded. They each require only a teeny amount and feel a little greasy initially, but soak in very quickly. I also left with body scrub and whipped body butter. Everything is divine. Best products EVER!!!!"

-Liz Anderson

"This little business is top notch!! Great products and super friendly service! Love it!!"

-Sharon Holt

"Renee's products have improved my skin so much! I will seriously never use another face wash. The face tallow is also a miracle worker! I can't wait to try the soap bars, they are beautiful 😍 I am glad to finally be using natural products on my skin."

-Rachel Danley

"These all natural skincare products clear up my skin faster than any retail brand, and they smell divine too!"

-Maggie Warner

"My sister-n-law told me about Boca Micro Farm products a while back and I am SO glad that she did. I deal with a lot of acne scarring, red spots and skin issues and the face cream has done amazing things for my skin. A little goes a long way and after only a couple weeks I can see my skin healing and having a better overall complexion. You won’t be disappointed with their products and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!! Wonderful customer service and even better products!"

-Anna Lee Danley